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Viral Nation Romania is one of the most important marketing influencer agencies in Romania. Together with our partners we create the most viral online promotion campaigns for over 20 well-known brands locally, but especially internationally. Our goal is to implement campaigns that are landmarks in everything that means influencer marketing. At the same time, at Viral Nation Romania we deal with the management of top artists and influencers from different fields and areas of interest.

So, we help our influencers develop their business, while they focus on creating the best possible content. We negotiate contracts, seek out new brand opportunities, and expand our influencers’ reach off-line through traditional media opportunities such as speaking engagements, event appearances, content licensing, casting calls, and new media opportunities such as app development, digital series development, collaborations across social media platforms with other influencers, etc. In short, anything our influencers want to pursue, we are here to help.

As a pioneer in the Influencer Marketing industry, our roster of talent is one of the largest in the world. Our relationships with a vast collection of companies and brands allow us to secure the services of ideal influencers for every and any social campaign, while staying at the forefront of new media content development and activation. It is essential in an influencer marketing campaign to add paid boosting in order to reach the entire potential influencer audiences. Social platforms have made it harder and harder for influencers to organically reach their entire audience.

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